The Poodles

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Hello all,

I thought I’d introduce you to my two Miniature Poodles since they will be making appearances on here every once in a while.

George Sebastian



This is my 5-year-old, old man. His name is George Sebastian and his favorite thing to do is nap and get petted.

George is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever tried to train. (And I’ve tried to train ALL my relatives’ dogs) He learned to sit on command within the first two days we had him and has learned many tricks since.
He knows Sit, Down, Rollover, Dance, Shake, Other Paw (Shake), High Five, Sneeze, Up, Off, and Come. I’m not a pro at dog training by any means, so if he were any harder to train, he would know… probably a total of about two commands.
His favorite treats are boiled carrots and cheese, but he will eat any food that’s not green leaves. He is the father of two pups (who are sadly no longer pups) both of whom inherited his dark fur.

Ginger Pumpkin

And this is my little princess. She is a very needy little dog who needs to stay at my side at all times. She has been my model for my photography practice,

and she’s really quite good at it. She doesn’t know as many tricks as George, but she has much better manners when we go to play outside, which I very much appreciate.

She was the mother of George’s puppies (incase any of you were wondering) and although she is a very light cream color, they both got their coloring from George.


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