I went to Silverwood last Friday and it was SOOooOOoooooOOOoo FUn!!!!!!!!

Get ready to hear all about it!

First we went to Arby’s to get some dinner, I just got curly fries. Then we drove for a while, I freaked out about going on aftershock and panic plunge, all typical drive happenings. When we showed up we accidently parked RIGHT in front of my Aunt whom we were going with. That was funny, lol, Then we had the bag checks blah,blah,blah, my Dad made fun of how my friends that work there probably spend all day dusting the tunnel under the freeway to keep spiders away from the lights, And then BAMMMMMM we had to wait in line to get the tickets……but finally we got there. First thing we did was Cork Screw, Then we did Super Round-up (idk if that’s what its actually called 😉 then we went on Thunder Canyon three times in a row…. We were soaked. after that we met with two of my cousins that had just arrived, and went on Tremors, Timber terror,( My little cousin went on it with me and she was like ” Why are you screaming?!” I told her its funner if you scream [yes Ik  FUNNER is not a word but I will use it anyway]). Then I decided I wasn’t going on After Shock so my sister and two cousins went on it. Then I went on Spin Cycle which I LOVED. We had a few nachos my sister went on Panic Plunge (I was pretty close to going on it but I just couldn’t.:() then she went on Stunt Pilot(Also was close doing on) then I went on a Farris wheel( the crooked one that has umbrellas) and the i went on the kid frog panic plunge cuz my cousin wouldn’t go on it without me, we went and got funnel cake, we went on a spinny ride then cork screw again then another spinny ride and then on more, by then I felt like garbage and so I laid on my moms lap while my sister and cousin went on Tremors at night. Then we left… 🙁 But  I have a really painful headache rn so imma go byeeeeeee.

Sincerely, ME (Julie)

september, 5 ,2022

P.S. Mr.Beast was in New Jersey yesterday working at his first physical Beast Burger and I wanted to be there :(:(:(