How to have the Best Western-Themed Birthday Party Ever!

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Western Birthday Party!

Western is such a fun theme! You can have so much fun with it! You can do beautiful cactus’ or tumble weeds. Something I love about this theme is it is completely perfect for girls or boy parties, adult or child!

The Best Desert Color Scheme

Putting together color schemes is super fun! Making a board that really says WESTERN with just colors is a exciting know-how. Once you have that it won’t be hard to design the room to look just like a movie set!

  • A Light Tan Color. Tan is a typical color you would see in the desert. Whether it be sand, tumble weeds, or dust it is a must have for western parties.
  • A Dark Brown Color. A dark brown color normally comes from the dirt or a hat. It isn’t necessary but it is fun to have a little bit thrown in.
  • A Black Accent. Black is completely a preference, if you want to throw it in it will match but not necessary at all. I prefer a lighter version of western with light tan and white and brassy colors.
  • A Pop Of Color. A pop of color will brighten your party! A desert is a little bland alone but if you find a little flower with a bright pink it will really brighten the scene! Even putting a cactus with a flower in it on plates or maybe a banner will light up the party up. My favorite colors for this are bright pink, purple, blue, or red. They should be bright, deep colors to bring out the beauty in the desert.
  • A Bright Teal Accent, but don’t ask me why. Teal is a bright blue that somehow fits right in, in a western party. A table runner or anything really can be teal. I will warn you that more colors outside of brown, tan, white, and black  colors the more your theme will lose the feel of a dusty land far away and more of a rustic kitchen.

Put Up Festive Western Decorations.

I love this part! Setting up all the little decorations is super fun. Getting to design a room to come to life as a beautiful desert is a amazing experience. Who doesn’t love a little change in their home? A day is just enough to have a wonderful time with your family celebrating a birthday in a new western environment.

  • Beautiful Green Cacti. Cactus are really such beautiful plants. They might be a little bit prickly but thankfully, banners and plates don’t have that sticking out of them! A few tan balloons around a table with red runner across a tan or even white table cloth would transform a dining room into.
  • Bright Flowers For Color! Getting a few flowers into the picture will bring the room to life. Cacti flowers, hibiscus, or sunflowers are all good flowers too use. Bright flowers that aren’t to close to tulips or roses will fit right in as well. Most importantly have fun with your flowers. If you find flowers you love, go with them!
  • Plates, Cups, and Napkins.  Teal napkins or red bandana napkins are my favorite. A design on the napkin will take attention so if you have something else you want to really pop, do a simple colored napkin. Keep in mind this party is going to be designed by you and no one else. Be sure to enjoy the process of it all and if you do or don’t like something, follow your gut! I also like to keep my plates and napkins different colors. White paper plates would work fine with brightly colored napkins. The cups are fine being different but I like to have the cup match one of them. This will keep them all together rather than just leftovers from other parties.
  • Hanging Banners! Banners are a typical thing to have hanging somewhere at a party. Whether they be a simple happy birthday or a fun slogan banners are fun to have. These aren’t very needed though, if they are just cluttering your room leave them out. Most stores with any party supplies should have some western banners with maybe wooden paneling or a bandana across it. If you want to, take the liberty of making one yourself! You can make a special banner to use and after you can keep it for memories!
  • Fun Balloons Bring Everything Together! Balloons bring not only a decoration but also a toy for the kids to play with! A white balloon bouquet or even a colorful bouquet will create a flowing feeling of the desert. Continuing the flow helps keep it from looking cluttered and will have a fun effect.


Appetizers For The Desert Party.

Appetizers are so yummy, will hold off all the hands from any unfinished dinner, and keep all the hungry stomachs at bay. Play around with them. Trust me, it’s fun! Here are a few ideas for the perfect western appetizers.

  • Yummy, Creamy, and Delicious Artichoke Dip. Artichoke dip is such a loved appetizer. It is smooth, cheesy, and most of all, it doesn’t fly as fast as most appetizers. It will keep nicely all the birthday long. Long corn chips are perfect for smothering in the sauce and the crunch is perfect against the smooth dip.
  • Warm Finger Pretzels.  Everybody loves finger pretzels! They are so fun to put into cheese or caramel dips! They go perfectly with the western theme and are sure to keep your guests happy. Make sure they are served warm to maximize their deliciousness!
  • Cheesy Cowboy Quesadillas. These look so delicious! Filled with black beans, sweet corn, melty cheese and all sorts of yummy foods these quesadillas will bring your party to the next level! A toasty outside will complement the beautiful melty filling with its own delicious crunch.

Snacks and finger foods for the hungry Cowboys\Cowgirls.

These are important if your party is longer than two hours. Small thing are perfect to keep the dinner for dinner and leftovers the next day.

  • Vegetable Tray. Veggie trays are great for some healthy snacks. Broccoli, baby carrots, cucumbers, and more are a delicious way to get some vitamins in while bathing them in ranch!
  • Little Mozzarella Sandwiches. These are super yummy tea sandwiches sure to be appreciated by all. French bread topped with mozzarella and cucumber are delicious! If you want some extra flavor a basil pesto spread on the bread will enhance the sandwich.

Delicious Western Style Dinner.

Ahhhh. Dinner is finally going to be served. Be sure to pick a woah dinner to get your guests in the western mood. I have some great choices listed below! From Yummy, Crunchy, Loaded Nachos to a Texas Cowboy Stew.

  •  Yummy, Crunchy, Loaded Nachos. I LOVE nachos! They are a delicious choice for dinner but I will suggest that they be saved for smaller sized parties. They are perfect for a few friends or family but might be a little to overwhelming if they are for a large group. A great way serve nachos is a ‘Make Your Own’ bar! Giving people the freedom to make their own will keep the waste at minimum so nobody will have to eat their least favorite foods.
  • Tater Tot Cowboy Casserole. This casserole looks so good and totally continues the western theme! Casseroles are a great way to go for big parties and for children. Everyone will come back for seconds and maybe even thirds for this casserole. The crunchy creaminess of this will be sure to get people asking you for the recipe.
  • Texas Cowboy Stew. This stew is sure to give you a hearty filling dinner. The mix of sweet corn, salty sausage, rich tomatoes and more will be amazing and will scream western family night. It’s a beautiful mix of colors and is perfect for colder months.
  •  Smashburger Sliders. These beautiful sliders will leave your guests mouthwatering. The perfect ground juicy meat with cheddar cheese on some Hawaiian bread is super yummy and perfect for a simple handheld dinner.

Western Sweet Desserts!

Yum! These desserts not only look amazing with the theme but are also delicious! They are sure to get you an amazing reaction from your guests when you pull out cow looking cheesecake bites or

  • Black and White Cheesecake Bites. These look so yummy. These look like little cow spots which totally say western to me. I think these are perfect for everyone and a super festive dessert to pick.
  • Oatmeal Cookie Cupcakes. These look really homey and western. They totally are comfort food that I am sure all your guests will love!
  • Cowboy Cactus Cupcakes. These cupcakes are adorable! They have little piped cacti with some pearl beads that are super cute and and throwing a few flowers on them would be even better! They look delicious.
  • Cowboy Cookies. These cookies are a perfect mix between crunch and chewy. The little chocolate chips bring the game even higher. These are definitely a winner.
  • Chocolate Chip Waffle Cookies. These look so good! glazed waffles with chocolate chips. Yum! These are a great choice! check to see you have light sweet waffles before you cover them to insure delicious waffle cookies.

Western Games For All Ages!

What party is complete without games! None! So here are some western game ideas to brighten up the fun! Be smart and be careful. Simple rules that will keep your party safe.

  • Pin The Horns On The Cow! This is a common game because it’s fun! A longhorn cow would be perfect for the theme and make sure the horns are attached to each other so they only have to be attached once. 🙂 Be safe and don’t let anyone run around with the pin!
  • Western Mixed-up Races.
    1. Gunny sack races. These are super fun for all ages. ( just don’t break a hip 😉 ) Separating by ages is an option if their are a lot of different aged kids. This will keep things fair and more enjoyable.
    2. Three-legged race. Three-legged races are a super fun way to race. Connect people at similar heights to keep most of the falling at bay. Don’t use rubber bands, they might snap and slingshot at people.


My Conclusion On Western-Themed Birthday Parties.

This is a super fun party. Make sure you have fun planning and making it happen. Play around with everything and it’s also fun as a group effort. HAPPY PARTYING!

 love, Julie

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