Hey Ya’ll! Christmas and New Year ideas for You!!!

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Am I the only one super excited for Christmas? 
I hope not!!!! 
I have a few things that might help you get into the Christmas spirit!

I have some ideas for something to help you get in the mood before Christmas!!!!!

First, I will share a few little (and not so little) traditions my family has.                          My sisters and I always make Christmas count-down calendars on the first of November that goes all the way to the New Year. If you’re asking why all the way to the New Year????? Then I’ll answer that question. Because my family always goes with my mom’s entire family to a local nice hotel! That makes it a fun holiday for us!!!! If you asked that question that probably means that you do not have a fun new year. 🙁 That’s a problem. But not one that a little Christmas spirit can’t fix!!!!!! You don’t have to stay at a fancy hotel or even a hotel at all! You just need to use your brain and think up (or Pinterest up:) ) some fun games that will get the whole family laughing or having some fun!

(back to the Christmas theme) We also do a party at one of the relatives’ houses for Christmas. My mom makes every family bring two games that everyone will have fun playing. We also make everyone bring a  dish of some sort and a dessert. That will make it not so stressful for the person that is hosting the party. Those few ideas were a helpful thing for all our party because a lot of the time it’s either my family hosting or my aunt so that helps and also entertains the entire group of people. A good game to do is to make a custom charade for whatever party it is whether it’s a Christmas party or an Easter one that is definitely a hit for us.             

Well, So Long Folks!

P.S. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! 🙂

~Julie Morgan~

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