Hey!!!!!!! I have podcast recommendation!!!!!!!

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Hey peeps!!!!

I have 3 podcasts to recommend if you are interested.

1# Strangers Sessions

This is a podcast for Christian teens that are wondering if they are the only Christian teens trying to be good and not be following the world. It goes over lots of topics like the Gospel, what a blessing filters for movies are, insecurity, and what does God actually think about curse words. It is a blessing to lots of people, I think. To make sure that it is the right one she goes by Angel the stranger and her podcast is a yellow picture with headphones on it.

2#Storytime By Angel

This a podcast about a girl named Angel being loud and fun. What else do you need to know? Go listen to it and enjoy. You can thank me later.

3# Ms.Rory’s Story Emporium

This is just some fun Christian story podcasts. They are just simple story’s that are like watching a cartoon but you have your eyes closed so the characters have different voices and such. Keep in mind that I’m just a kid so they might be a bit too childish for you.

So there you have it! Those are just some podcasts that I recommend but mostly I recommend The Strangers Sessions because that one actually teaches you stuff and encourages rather than a story, but if you are more for stories go for Ms.Rory’s Story Emporium!

So Long Folks and I hope to see you again!;):)

-Julie Wells-

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