Hello There

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Hey! 😉

I haven’t been here in a while!

I am now 13. And I have Home Ecc. in 9th grade and everything else in 8th. Isn’t that kind of cool?

I think so.

So what’s up?

I’ve had a super busy summer.  Get ready to hear all about it! 🙂

So first was school. Two of my sisters work at a school so I came once in a while and became friends with the kids there. Then somehow I came to be on the chapel worship team… On the BIG stage… IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL+ PARENTS! So that was fun.(BTW I sang with two of my sisters, one on a guitar and the other on a piano.) Then school ended and Fourth of July was around the corner, that was also very fun. Then I went camping in a yurt with a TON of family, I’m talking like hundred, so many I didn’t know most of them! And then after THAT we went camping again with a different church for a weekend and the day after we got home we had out-of-town guests, and that weekend we went to a different city for my sisters to go to a teacher conference, lol, and then that weekend we threw a large bash for my sisters 18th birthday and my 13th….. and now we might be going to a theme park this weekend and then next month we have a conference we are volunteering for 3 days…So yeah… What have you been up to? Oh right, I forgot I’m also having a karaoke party this weekend.:):):)

Idky but I was bored so I was like I’mma go write on the blog. lol

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my crazy summer!

Sincerely, ME ( Julie )

Omgoodness, lol I forgot to say that we also got a new dog in February named Charlie Helio and he’s a golden doodle! He knows how to do that trick where he holds stuff on his face and when we say okay he can eat it!! Which is super cute…..  🙂 Okay bye now.


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