Mackenzie Rose

I’m learning to follow Jesus and hoping to encourage others in their walk.
I play some guitar, piano, and I am learning to play the bass guitar. I also love to sing.
I am currently trying to memorize the book of James since it is my favorite book in the Bible, and is short enough to make it seem more possible.

I love animals, especially farm animals (cows, chickens, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, etc.).
I currently own two Miniature Poodles, who I breed every once in a while.
My dream is to be a mother of a lot of children, who lives on a homestead with a Scottish Highland Cow up in the mountains somewhere.

Julie Morgan

I am ME. Just so you know when things are signed by ME that would be me.:) I am in 8th grade and have Home Ecc. in 9th grade. i can play the Piano, Guitar, and a little of a Bass guitar. I love to bake. So no you know.:)