Mackenzie Rose

I’m learning to follow Jesus and hoping to encourage others in their walk.
I play some guitar, piano, and I am learning to play the bass guitar. I also love to sing.
I am currently trying to memorize the book of James since it is my favorite book in the Bible, and is short enough to make it seem more possible.

I love animals, especially farm animals (cows, chickens, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, etc.).
I currently own two Miniature Poodles, who I breed every once in a while.
My dream is to be a mother of a lot of children, who lives on a homestead with a Scottish Highland Cow up in the mountains somewhere.

Julie Morgan

Julie Morgan is a young Christian girl. She is excited that she is now a writer on this blog. She is in 6th grade and is trying to write a book, as well as Molly and Mike stories which will be posted on the blog later. Her desire to know what her talent is is pushing her to try lots of different hobbies that include: acrobatics, painting, cooking, playing piano, drawing, and writing stories.

Her dream is to be a chef and own a ranch with a large garden (like eleven acres) where people can come and pick stuff.